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25pcs/set 3inch Auto Leštenie Disk Samolepiace Nárazníkov Voskovanie Špongia na Leštenie Kolies Disk Kit Auto Polisher Nárazníkov Pad



Dostupnosť :Skladom


Štítky: disk poľský, mousepad, pad poľský, dlaždice leštenie kolies, caravan mover, výroba automobilov polisher, poľský spta, Auto Príslušenstvo Elektronika, oprava pneumatík, auto tovar, elektronika.



Application areas: outdoor cleaning

Material: sponge

Product type: polishing wheel

Pad diameter: 3 inches

Cushion included: wool cushion and threaded drill joint with shaft

Package includes:

1*25 piece set

How to use polishing and waxing:

Step 1: Apply car wax

Wash the body before waxing.The common car wax is divided into solid wax and liquid wax.The method of using solid wax is to use a small sponge to spread the car wax in a fish-scale distribution on the surface of the clean car paint; liquid wax is Distribute the liquid wax evenly on the area to be polished.

Step 2: Waxing

After the wax is applied, use a sponge to perform linear round-trip polishing and waxing.Flat sponges are mostly used for polishing and waxing.Wavy sponges are mostly used for polishing and glazing.Before using, it is best to spray water on the sponge surface and wet it.Increasing the toughness of the sponge, it can also reduce friction when waxing, increase the service life, and it will be easier to operate.To repair scratches, it is necessary to match with various brands of scratch repair wax for polishing repair.

Step 3: Mirror polishing

After waxing with a sponge, the surface of the car paint is not particularly bright, and there are imprints of the sponge, so you need to use the wool disc to directly polish and collect the wax, so that the brightness of the paint surface is displayed.Scratch repair is recommended with mirror reduction treatment agent mirror reduction treatment.

  • Pôvod: CN(Pôvodu)
  • Priemer: 3inch
  • POLOŽKA č.: S12260418

The foams have a different density depending on the colors. The polishing is very good and we can insist on the foam is solid.

DarkAlex Leo (2021-03-18)

Looks good. Not used yet.

W Melzer (2021-03-30)

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